Clean House Cincinnati has


If you’re excited about having a flexible, well-paid position in the Cincinnati area, we want to hear from you.

Application process

Our employees are the number one factor to our success as a company!
We are extremely picky about who we hire, and want to ensure that everyone who wants 12-30 hours a week can get it.  Starts at $18 per hour to train, BY 6 months with us you’ll be at $20/hour.  Paid time off after 6 months also, and a great working environment!


The short information form below helps give us an idea of what you’re about and if we will be a good fit together.  Attach or copy/paste your work history resume please.


After you submit the form below you’ll see the link to our self-scheduling calendar app so you can see what time slots are open and pick one.  That system will email us and you a reminder as well!