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Service Area We Cover

We basically cover the entire 275 loop, and even venture outside a little.

Although our office is on the west side in Bridgetown, we consider our “primary service area” to be within 16 miles of the corner of Galbraith and Hamilton Avenue.  That’s because that’s the central location of our employees and the general center of Hamilton County (not quite though so let’s not get technical).

If you live OUTSIDE 16 miles of our central location we do assess a small trip fee that is given directly to the cleaner to help with extra gas to reach your place.  We could have raised rates across the board, but that didn’t seem fair.  The trip fee ranges from $5, to $10, to $15 if you’re 16-21 miles outside, 21-28 miles outside, or over 28 miles outside our “central location”.  Thanks for understanding.