Clean House Cincinnati has


There are so many things to consider when selecting a cleaning company or individual cleaner.  Things that you might be pondering:

Can I trust this person/company?


Will they do a good job cleaning my home?


Am I properly covered in case something gets broken?

What if the cleaner twists her ankle?  Am I on the hook for that?


One big area of concern is usually insurance.
Here are the types of coverages we carry:

Business Registration

We are registered as a business with the state of Ohio and pay our fair share of taxes, we pay employer taxes on our employees, and we are a trustworthy participant in the economy of our state.

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Liability Insurance

We cover items that get damaged or broken, accidental damage in case of fire and a whole bunch of other things our insurance agent said we needed.

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Worker’s Compensation

We cover our employees in case their bodies get injured on the job.  This is required in the state of Ohio for anyone employing 1 or more persons.

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If your current or prospective house cleaner can’t provide all three of these things, you are putting yourself in a potential position to be hurt.  And we don’t want that.