When selecting a cleaning company or individual cleaner, there are many things to consider:

Can I trust this person/company?

Am I properly covered in case something gets broken or stolen?

Will they do a good job cleaning my home?

One big area of concern usually is insurance.  Here are the types of coverage we carry:

  • Business registration.  We are registered as a business with the state of Ohio and pay our fair share of taxes, we pay employer taxes on our employees, and we are a trustworthy participant in the economy of our state.
  • Liability Insurance.  We cover items that get damaged or broken, accidental damage in case of fire and a whole bunch of other things our insurance agent said we needed.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  We cover our employees in case their bodies get injured on the job.  This is required in the state of Ohio for anyone employing 1 or more persons.

You may notice that “bonding” is not one of the coverages we carry.  Basically, bonding is a scheme some insurance companies have created to bring “peace of mind” to people, however there is really none to be had with bonding.  Ideally, bonding covers a homeowner if an employee has stolen something out of the home.  But most people don’t realize that the bonding company requires a guilty verdict of theft in a court of law before paying out.  Even then, the courts usually offer a way of restitution and thus the bonding company will not pay out.  It’s a sham, and we don’t have money to waste on something that doesn’t really cover anything.  Feel free to call the office and speak to Lucinda about this directly.