Clean House Cincinnati


Thank you for being an active client of Clean House Cincinnati. 

We are all experiencing the “new normal” of taking everything day by day – home, work, activities outside the house being cancelled.  There is a very real possibility that local, state, or national situations warrant even larger inconveniences like home quarantines for 10-14 or more days.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all in this together.  All of us have responsibilities to be conscientious members of society and to that end Clean House Cincinnati has implemented some commonsense guidelines regarding our services, our employees and our clients:

  1. Any local, state, or national rules or limits of activity will be followed at all times. No exceptions.
  2. Our services will remain at the same price – $40 per hour, and we will do due diligence in disinfecting surfaces to the best of our ability with whatever tools and chemical disinfectants we have at our disposal.
  3. In almost all cases, our 48-hour late-cancellation fee will be waived should a client cancel via phone/text to the office 513-808-7299 at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled cleaning.
  4. We require all household members of the clients we are servicing to be 100% symptom free of any communicable illnesses. This includes, but is in no way limited to seasonal flu, covid-19 strain of coronavirus, any strain of coronavirus, simple cold, bronchitis, and any fever.  Please call or text the office to cancel that day’s cleaning as soon as you are able, we will not charge a late-cancellation fee. If we arrive to a home where we observe or suspect any active illness, we will immediately leave the premises and charge the typical full fee of the visit. 
  5. We also require any employee to do the same – they may not clean any location/house/facility if they have an active illness. The employee or we may make the determination that we are not able to work right up to the time of the appointment.  This may result in unforeseen cancelled cleanings, but it will be for the benefit of all concerned.
  6. Lastly, should Clean House Cincinnati determine that an employee, client, or household member of a client could potentially be classified as “vulnerable” (underlying medical condition, lowered or impaired immune system, unusually weak, or of an age that carries greater mortality risks) we reserve the right to cancel a cleaning without advanced notice.

When we are all aware of the situation that now impacts us all, we will make better choices for everyone.  It is our sincere desire to be as helpful to our clients as possible, while still respecting common sense guidelines for safety.

Sincerely, Lucinda (Cindy) Wolford, owner

Clean House Cincinnati

Office cell: 513-808-7299